Yesterday has been better 😄! I’m startin

Yesterday has been better 😄!
I’m starting to see that many things are going better.
Maybe was my point of view that was blue.
I studied a bit today! that’s great 😀
I made few dishes, and clean some dresses… still I need to do my Victoria’s Secret’s 👙.
I saw they had some promotions two days ago 🤑 I was binging for those bags and shoppers… 😓But I had to wait for it… 😡😡😡
I hope they still have that and they will do some other discount soon!!! 😱😍😍

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Think Positive!

Today I was attending an interesting positive and proactive training course at my job.
I realized how the positive thinking will really change your approach to life and success.
In an older course I took on my friend’s advice Learning how to learn from Coursera
I learned that recent studies assert that the brain is living and continuously building up itself, every  experience or thought to exists have to engrave itself as a neural path in your brain.
So for years we thought brain was defined and there was no way to change it.
Now for its property of existing as the thought consolidates…they found out you actually can
change the physical displacement of your neural connections changing what you want to think.

It actually changes its structure in thinking and thinking changes it’s structure that lead to other thinking paths and so on.

So the way you think can really define who you  are and how you approach your entire life.

So think positive…and your life, your brain, your thinking and definitely yourself will aim and turn to it.